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Princess and the Pig, Princess Pigtoria, Three Ninja Pigs, and G

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4 hysterical PIG books stretch the imagination to embrace a new level of fun and learning.  The units include 40 pages of activities. The activities are perfect for paired, group, or whole class study for grades K-3. This Kids Wings units ignite mastery learning and provide lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board! The Literature Guides include awesome activities!

Princess Pigtoria,
The Princess and the Pig,
The Three Ninja Pigs, and
The Great Pig Search

Activities in the Princess Pigtoria guide include:

  • Readers Theater Script for the traditional "Princess and the Pea";
  • Discussion Cards;
  • Rhyming Readers Theater Script for "Princess Pigtoria and the Pea;
  • "Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities;
  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • Logic Puzzle;
  • Proper Princess and Pizza Activities;
  • Proper Princess Problems (Math);
  • The Proper Letter Princess;
  • Creative Art:
  • The Princess and Percy's Baby;
  • Answer Pages;

Some from The Princess and the Pig include:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards;
  • 2-Page Readers Theater Introduction;
  • Once Upon a Calculation,
  • Math;
  • When Pigs Fly: Experiments with Levers and Fulcrums;
  • Seven Silly Nannies,  
  • Logic Puzzle;
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
  • Inner Beauty;
  • Fairy Tale Research;
  • Do I Understand, Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Answer Page;

Activities for The Three Ninja Pigs include:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards;
  • Readers Theater Introduction;
  • Ninja Puzzles;
  • Missing Vowels;
  • House Design;
  • Pigs, Pigs, Pigs; Ninja Pig's Houses,
  • Math;
  • Answer Page;

Some from The Great Pig Chase:

  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • Readers Theater Script;
  • Logic Puzzle;
  • Math Graph;
  • Venn Diagram Comparing Pig Books;
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Two Page Letter Writing/Editing Lesson;
  • Create-a-Game;
  • Logic Puzzle with Teacher Guide Slide Show in PowerPoint Version;
  • Answers


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