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Turtle in Paradise

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Turtle in Paradise! A Newbery Honor Book!  Turtle is sent to live with cousins during the middle of the pop culture era of the Great Depression. Shirley Temple to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to The Shadow on the radio are all woven into the story. Turtle witnesses the boys tick-tock their neighbors who have wronged them, and, she gives a really famous author advice at the local cafe!

This 37-page Kids Wings unit includes: 

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
  • Anticipation Guide
  • 2-Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
  • Vocabulary List
  • Vocabulary Poster Template
  • Vocabulary Poster Sample Page
  • Character Studies
  • Making Connections: Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions 
  • with After-Reading Quick Writes
  • "Little Orphan Annie" Choral Reading
  • Create a Map of Turtle's Key West Neighborhood
  • Crossword Puzzle: Crossword Characters
  • Researching Franklin E. Roosevelt
  • Activities for Visualizing the Chapters through Drawing
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
  • Prices Then and Now
  • Writing Turtle's Verses to "The Good Ship Lollipop"
  • Recalling and Analyzing the Chapters, Discuss and Write
  • Logic Puzzle: Who's Who of the Pirate World
  • Research: Transortation or Communication of the 19th Century
  • Comparing Books
  • Writing Prompts
  • Answer Keys 
  • Plus, an interactive Jeopardy-type game! 


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