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Crispin the Cross of Lead

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The Kids' Wings unit for Crispin, the Cross of Lead, is the perfect guide for gaining skill mastery using this awesome Newbery winner as the vehicle for adventure. Our literature guide will help get your student groups organized into strong partnerships in their study.  This is one of the favorites of our Kids' Wings staff and students! 

The unit includes:

  • an anticipation guide,
  • predict/confirm chapter questions,
  • vocabulary studies,
  • character connections,
  • comparison of Crispin's time to modern time,
  • a map/logic puzzle,
  • comprehension activities,
  • drama,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • game board,
  • comparison to a movie,
  • a song-summary "Ballad of Bear,"
  • a timeline research project,
  • a comprehension reading on Feudalism,
  • a forming of your gild, and
  • high-level thinking in writing prompts.


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