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Three Times Lucky

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Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage is a Newbery Honor Book for 2013 filled with the funniest figurative language ever written. The Kids Wings literature guide offers exciting curriculum connections with enrichment and extension for your reading of this hilariously funny, exciting murder mystery set in North Carolina and featuring a frightening hurricane. One character is an abusive, alcoholic father, so our unit includes research on alcoholism and family roles. It includes 68 pages of interdisciplinary activities formulated as worksheets PLUS a 100-slide interactive Jeopardy-type game. This Kids Wings unit ignites mastery learning and provides lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board!

This Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
  • Anticipation Guide
  • 3-Page Choral Reading Script 
  • Creating and Using a Dialectical Journal
  • Scientific Investigation with The Process Skills Song
  • Detective Notes
  • Map Skills: Where in the World is North Carolina
  • Become a Character! Experience the Fun!
  • Character Studies
  • Tracking Figurative Language
  • 5-in-a-Row Vocabulary Logic with Blank 5-in-a-Row Template
  • 9 Grouped Chapters: Vocabulary, Predict-Read-Confirm
  • Multiple Choice and Short Answer Chapter Check-ups
  • Visualizing the Text, Draw Your Answer
  • Collecting and Using Visuals and Text Evidence
  • Wanted Posters
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Analogies
  • The Murder Mystery Motif Logic Puzzle
  • God: What People in the Story Believe and What I Believe
  • Research SHOCK
  • Recall, Analyze, Discuss, and Write About Events in Chapters 25 and 26
  • Crossword Puzzle: The Climax
  • Who Done It, Final Thoughts
  • Research Alcoholism
  • Family Roles in An Alcoholic's Family, a Song
  • The Master Painter, A Fallen Letter Puzzle with a Bonus Advanced Puzzle
  • Character Poems
  • The Grand Finale: Classroom Discussion and Debate
  • Blues and Clues Logic Puzzle
  • Writing Prompts
  • Poster Templates for Character Analysis During Reading
  • Answer Pages
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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