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The War That Saved My Life

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Kids Wings Literature guide for 2016 Newbery Honor Book The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, Historical Fiction, 1940
Can anything be worse than war?  Ada knows there can be.
Follow the life of Ada, an abused, 10-year old girl with a clubfoot, from her isolation in one-room flat in London into to the Bombing of Britain.  Ada gets swept up in the evacuation of the children of London to the countryside as Nazi troops advanced through Europe toward England.  How could war save her life?  This profoundly powerful and memorable story builds mastery learning of history, family, identity, and an example of how real love can free those trapped in evil to discover courage, self-worth, and freedom. 

The 74-page Activity Guide Contains:
Setting the Stage for World War II
Japan's Part in World War II
Where in the World is England? (map study)
Europe Today (map study)
The United Kingdom (map study)
Building Background About World War II, A 2-page Readers Theater Script
Research Clubfoot
World War II Prereading Discussion Cards
Setting the Stage for Ada's Story
Anticipation Guide
Ada's Story, Prereading Discussion Cards
Ada's Plight, A 2-page Readers Theater Script
Ada's Growing Vocabulary
Picturing Word Pairs
Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions in Groups of 5 Chapters
Ada's Wars, Multiple Choice Comprehension, Chapters 1-5
Visualizing the Story: Chapters 1-5
War Approaches
Getting to Know Miss Smith, Crossword Puzzle, Chapters 6-10
The Hitler War Machine Rolls Over Europe
Puzzle: Greatness Expressed in Simple Words
Research: War Posters
Puzzle: A Secret Coded Advice from the Top
War Environment, Multiple Choice Comprehension, Chapters 1-5
Illustrate Your Favorite Events from Chapters 16-20
Butter, Church, and Bovril: Chapters 21-25
Christmas with Susan, Visualizing Chapters 26-30
The Bombing of Britain
Research: The Boer War
Research: Dunkirk
Analyzing Summaries of Chapters 31 and 32 (with projectable versions)
Analyzing Summaries of Chapters 33 and 34 (with projectable versions)
Illustrating and Writing a Summer Chapter 35
Visualizing Chapters 36-40
Writing Prompts

One War Ends, The Next Begins (Write the next chapter)
Showing Respect and Gratitude to Soldiers
A Special Pet
Good Timing
Objectives for the 9 Predict-Read-Confirm Pages
Pages enlarged for projection
Word Boxes for Crossword Puzzle
Challenge Versions of Puzzles

Answer Pages

Interactive Jeopardy-Type Game



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