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Dad and Pop and Dirt on my Shirt

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Two must-have books!  Dad and Pop by Kelly Bennett and Dirt on My Shirt Poems by Jeff Foxworthy.

In Dad and Popby Kelly Bennett, Kelly tells about her life with two loving fathers: Dad who was there when she was born and Pop who her mother married after the divorce. Each of them is very different in many ways, but they are both the same in one very important way. Can you guess what that is? Yes, they both love her!

In times when divorce takes families apart, this book celebrates the times when it brings them together to provide different kinds of love to a girl who enjoys having the best Dad and Pop.  This is a book that needs to be in the homes of every divorced family with kids.

Activities for Dad and Pop include: 

  • Discussion Cards
  • Readers Theater Script
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Fun with Dad Logic Puzzle
  • Different?
  • Math with Dad and Pop
  • Spinner Fun
  • And Answer Pages

Activities for Dirt on My Shirt by Jeff Foxworthy include: 

  • Prereading Discussion Cards
  • Body Parts in Similes, An Original Suzy Red Readers Theater Poem 
  • Funny Things Crossword Puzzle
  • Onomatoepia Song
  • Checking for Understanding
  • Figure It Out (problem solving)
  • Answers

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