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Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure

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Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure is a Kids Wings primary collection of unique picture book guides and activities.

Literature guides for the following award-winning books in Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure include:

The Mockingbird Books

Two-By-Two Books

  • Frog's Best Friend by Marion Dane Bauer In this short first-reader chapter book, frog learns that even best friends can be shared.
  • Dream Carver by Diana Cohn A young Mexican wood carver named Mateo watches his father carve wood and dreams of carving brightly colored, fanciful animals.
  • At the Edge of the Woods: A Counting Book by Cynthia Cotton Animals playing at the edge of the woods count up to ten and back again.
  • Hunter's Best Friend at School by Laura Malone Elliott Two raccoon friends learn important lessons about friendship.
  • Alphabet Under Construction, by Denise Fleming, The alphabet is constructed by a hard working mouse.
  • The Magic Hat by Mem Fox Preschoolers will giggle at what happens to the people of a town when a magical hat blows in!
  • Tanya and the Red Shoes by Patricia Lee Gauch. Tanya gets her new toe shoes and, through hard work, learns to dance. 
  • A Story for Bear by Haseley, Dennis Through the year, a bear learns to enjoy the magic of reading. 
  • Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora. Share the world from a toddler’s joy in the game of “Peekaboo”.
  • I Stink! by Kate McMullan: Explore the wild and funny life of a garbage truck, a story filled with comical illustrations, lively words, and a sobering truth.
  • Eaglet's World by Evelyn Minshull. Beautiful illustrations and gentle descriptions show eaglet’s scary, but exciting journey from the cozy egg to first flight.
  • Song of Night: It’s Time to Go to Bed by Katherine Riley Nakamura Bedtime rhymes about little animals like bunnies, bears, and cats will fluff your pillows for you!
  • Max and Jax in Second Grade by Nolen, Jerdine. Twins, Jax and Max love to fish, but Jax always catches more fish than Max. What's her secret?
  • A Rainbow All Around Me Sandra L. Pinkney. Photographs of children of all colors form a rainbow! 
  • Oliver Finds His Way. Phyllis Root. What is a little bear going to do when he chases a leaf into the woods and becomes lost? 
  • What’s Up, What’s Down? by Lola M. Schaefer.Nature takes the reader up and down to understand the world from underground, to the moon and back down to the deepest part of the ocean. 
  • Duck on a Bike by David Shannon. What do the animals on the farm think about Duck as he rides a bike one day?
  • The First Thing My Mama Told Me by Susan Marie Swanson. How does Lucy celebrate her special name? 
  • Sixteen Cows by Lisa Wheeler. Will the Biddle cows and the Waddle cows ever get back where they belong after a wind blows down the fences between their ranches?
  • Apple Pie 4th of July By Janet Wong. Chinese food, in America, on the 4th of July? A young Chinese girl learns that in American, you can!



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