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The Notorious Benedict Arnold

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This 49-page Kids' Wings unit for The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin will enrich and extend your understanding of the character flaws in this man's life that led to his becoming a traitor in the American Revolution. It includes a Jeopardy-type game. The activities are perfect for paired, group, or whole class study. This Kids Wings unit provides mastery learning and lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard!

The Activity Guide/Lesson Plans Contain:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards
  • Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
  • Readers Theater Introduction
  • Dialectical Journal
  • Instruction Page for Vocabulary and Predict-Read-Confirm Pages, 1741-1775
  • Difficult Beginnings; June 1775-April 19 through June 19, 1775 
  • Figurative Language in the Story, July 1-November 8, 1775
  • Reading the Map; September 1775-Feb. 1776
  • Troubles for All
  • Examining Illustrations of Historic Events, Jan. 1776-Nov. 1776
  • Battles Continue, Comprehension
  • Readers Theater: Andre in Pennsylvania
  • Misery and Distress, Crossword Puzzle; Nov. 1776-Aug. 1777
  • Comic Book Summary, Aug. 1777-April, 1778
  • What if...? How Choices Affect History; April 1778-May, 1779
  • Troubles with Love, Troubles with War; May 1779-September 1780;
  • Bad Choice, Good Choice
  • Enemies All Around, Crossword Puzzle
  • No Turning Back
  • Daily Life in the Time of Benedict Arnold
  • Picturing the Events of Benedict's Life
  • Making Connections, Questions I would ask the author
  • Benedict's Battles
  • Character Check
  • Benedict Arnold's Timeline
  • Break Benedict's Code
  • Writing Prompts
  • Answer Pages
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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