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I, Vivaldi by Janice Shefelman

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I, Vivaldi by Janice Sheffelman, illustrated by Tom Sheffelman

In this dynamic picture-book biography, told as if by Vivaldi himself, the famous musician's energetic personality and steadfast dedication to music come alive.


Antonio, you are not the kind of priest I thought you would be, but you are surely making music for God."


"Without the provision of a violin, even the potentially most gifted violinist will not become a violinist.” Feldman (1986)


The year was 1678 when Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy. What do you think his mother and father did when they realized he could not breathe and might die? Take him to the emergency room? No, there were no emergency rooms. Give him CPR? No, no one knew about CPR in 1678. Pray? Yes, and his mother made a vow to God that Antonio would become a priest if God would let her baby boy live.


Well, Antonio lived, but he couldn't run and play like the other kids, so his father taught him to play the violin. Antonio LOVED the violin and, when he was older, HE made a vow to God that he would play the violin. But what about his mother's promise to God? Would he break her promise? Would he have to break his vow?


I, Vivaldi is told from the point of view of the composer, himself. He tells of being a sickly child with a gift for music. He writes of his becoming a dedicated man who worked to develop his gift and composed uniquely beautiful music that is celebrated today! But, did he break his mother's vow?


Listen! Can you can hear his most famous piece of music playing in the background? Do you know the name of it? It is Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." Now you can read his story as you listen!


The Kids Wings Literature Guide for I, Vivaldi was written by Master Teacher, Suzy Red and comes to you in PowerPoint and PDF for ease and excellence in printing and projection. The activities in the unit include:

This 17-page unit for I, Vivaldi is a part of valuable addition to your classical classroom!


The Unit Contains:

Discussion Cards

Readers’ Theater Introduction

Anticipation Guide

Map Study: Where is Venice and Italy's Neighbors

Vocabulary in the Story

Multiple-Choice Comprehension Questions

Crossword Puzzle

Music in Everyday Life Research Project


Cause and Effect

Another Musician Research Report

Classical Musicians Logic Puzzle

Vivaldi's Gifts, My Gifts

Vivaldi's Four Seasons in Words and Pictures

The Four Seasons in Poetry

Vivaldi's Poetry

Answer Page


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