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Jacques Cousteau and Down

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The 29-page grouped Kids' Wings units are ideal for complementing your study of oceans, explorers, and leaders in conservation in cooperative group activities to punctuate skills with fun in your classroom! 
The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau by Dan Yaccarino 
Down, Down, Down,
The Journey to the Bottom of the Sea by Steve Jenkins 

The unit includes group discussion cards,

  • Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction,
  • map activites,
  • The Oceans and Continents Recorded Song,
  • a readers' theater scripts,
  • vocabulary lists and activities,
  • Make-a-Poster,
  • multiple choice comprehension activities,
  • Crossword Puzzles,
  • Research,
  • Mapping the Ocean,
  • The Hairy Angler with capations and labels, and
  • Answer Page.

You also will receive access to the recorded song for The More We Get Together on Oceans and Continents at


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