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Nic Bishop Frogs, Too Many Frogs, Frog's Best Friend

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4 Froggie Books in 50-pages of activities including Nic Bishop Frogs, Too Many Frogs, A Frog in a Bog, and Frog's Best Friend

Activities include: 

  • Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction,
  • Discussion Cards,
  • Readers Theater Scripts, 
  • Labeling Parts of a Frog,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension, 
  • Mapping Where Frogs Live, 
  • Crossword Puzzles, 
  • Writing Prompts and Guides, 
  • art/illustrating activities, 
  • Frog Research, 
  • Comparing Books, 
  • Math Graph--Frog Reunion, 
  • Our Family Reunion Writing Guide, 
  • Bugs in a Bog Math Graph, 
  • Have a Play,
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs Song,
  • Food Chain Logic Puzzle,
  • Beginning-Middle-End,
  • Make a Story Map,
  • Chapter Questions,
  • Friends Song to "Love Me Tender",
  • Venn Diagram Comparing Frogs,
  • Frogs' Life Cycle,
  • Animal Research,
  • Apple Tree Seasons, 
  • Editing and Revising,
  • Friends Writing Lesson,
  • answer keys 



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