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We Are the Ship

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The 10-page Kids' Wings unit for We Are the Ship by Kadir Nelson, will enable your students to build basic skills while having fun, collaborating in problem solving, and learning the history of Negro League Baseball. The unit is filled with problem solving, teamwork, and skillbuilding. The unit guides student study in exciting cross-curriculum activities for individual and cooperative group study.

Activities in the unit include:

  • A Baseball Review Game,
  • Crossword Puzzle for pages 1-29,
  • Begininings (Multiple Choice Comprehension for pages 1-9,
  • Baseball During the Great Depression (pages 21-38),
  • Fifth Inning Match,
  • Sixth Inning (Latin Leagues),
  • Seventh Inning Stretch (short answer),
  • 8th Inning (Wartime Heroes),
  • Ninth Inning and Extra Innings,
  • Answer Keys


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