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Four Baseball Picture Books

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Four Award Winning Baseball Picture Books showcases 33 pages of activities for Honus and Me, Home Run-The Story of Babe Ruth, Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy, and Lou Gehrig-The Luckiest Man. The 12-page Kids' Wings unit for Honus and Me by Dan Gutman gives students an opportunity to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and cooperative group skills while enjoying a time-travel baseball story.

The unit includes group

  • Dialectical Journal Warm Ups,
  • Baseball Lingo Bingo;
  • What Could Joe Do with Half a Million?
  • What Could I Do with Half A Million? T
  • he Character of the Character,
  • A Report Card;
  • Soaring Similes, Illustrating;
  • Collect Similes! Act Them Out!
  • Vocabulary Building Multiple Choice;
  • Joe's Jobs Math; Take a Stand Corners,
  • a Multiple Choice Action Activity;
  • The Turn of the Century Brainstorm and Play;
  • Baseball Then--Baseball Now--Baseball,
  • Tomorrow Research;
  • Sports On-Line;
  • Writing Prompts;
  • Answer Keys


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