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One Handed Catch

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One-Handed Catch is a story set in the USA in post-World War II era.  Young Norman dreamed of playing major league baseball and worked toward his goal as often as possible.  He worked in his father's butcher shop, and one day, accidentally got his hand caught in the meat grinder.  This is the story of the tragedy and how courage and determination helped him overcome his handicap.  Perfect for boys, girls will also love this book and literature guide.  The 19-page Kids' Wings Unit for One Handed Catch will double your students' enjoyment of the story while providing interaction and valuable skills to their study!  Also included is an interactive Jeopardy-type game.

Included in the unit are:

  • a readers'theater script,
  • discussion cards,
  • anticipation guide,
  • chapter questions for predict/read/confirm,
  • map study,
  • transformations in the story,
  • Quartet Reading,
  • 15-second summaries,
  • creating a new game,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • research on prosthetics, and
  • discussion/writing prompts.
  • and an interactive Jeopardy-type game!


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