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Spy! by Anna Myers

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The 27-page Kids' Wings unit for Spy, the moving biography of Nathan Hale, by Anna Myers is one of our premier units for grades 3-8. Told in two-voices, students interact with history as seen through the eyes of Nathan Hale himself and one of Nathan Hale's students.  Engaging students in prereading through discussion cards and anticipation guide, the unit is prepares students for exciting reading in one of the best books about the Revolutionary War and the life of Nathan Hale ever written.

Activities in the unit include:  

  • Discussion Cards,
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • Memory Box for Book Talks,
  • Where in the World? Mapping Activities,
  • Puzzles for Quotes from The American Revolution,
  • Two-Page Readers Theater on the American Revolution,
  • Partner Reading and Dialectical Journal,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension,
  • Vocabulary Five in A Row Game,
  • Making Connections: Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions,
  • Acrostic Poem for Nathan Hale,
  • Writing a "Poem For Two Voices" about The Man and The Boy,
  • The Ballad of Nathan Hale with Music,
  • Nathan Hale Character Study,
  • Character Poems: Nathan Hale and Me,
  • Colonial Crossword Puzzle,
  • Nathan Hale/American Revolution Mobile,
  • Poetry Writing: Diamante Couplet ABC Poem,
  • Discussion and Writing Prompts,
  • Answer Page.


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