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Squirrels World PLUS Cork and Fuzz

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Squirrel's World Plus Cork and Fuzz are two very easy funny chapter books about animals. Together, the activities include 30 pages of guided reading, problem solving, cooperation, and fun.

The activities in Squirrel's World include: 

  • Discussion Cards;
  • Readers Theater Introduction; 
  • Chapter Guides with Vocabulary Lists,
  • Predict/Confirm Questions
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension; 
  • Crossword Puzzle; 
  • Alike and Different Character Comparision; 
  • Story Mapping Cut and Paste;
  • Repeated Reading; 
  • Answer Page

Activities in Cork and Fuzz include: 

  • Crossword Puzzle; 
  • Readers' Theater; 
  • Chapter Comprehension Questions; 
  • Vocabulary Activities; 
  • Discussion Cards; 
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension; 
  • Venn Diagram; 
  • Logic Puzzle; 
  • Story Map; 
  • Answer Pages; and MORE!


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