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Gorgonzola & Do Unto Otters

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Gorgonzola, A Very Stinkysaurus and Do Unto Otters are two hysterical picture book stories will introduce kids to personal hygiene and good manners.  Kids' Wings brings you 14 pages of exciting activities for each of these two great picture books!  Your students will love the activities! 

Gorgonzola A Very Stinksaurus, is they funny story of a really BAD smelling Stinkasaurus. The activities in Gorgonzola include

  • Discussion Cards
  • Before and After Reading Guide
  • Brush, Wash, and Floss" The Gorgonzola Song to the tune of “Sweet Betsy From Pike” A Suzy Red Original
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Checking for Understanding? Multiple Choice
  • Dino-mite Mixed Activities
  • Taking Turns, An Introductory Logic Puzzle
  • Retell the Story
  • Kid Connection: Illustrating Your Ideas
  • Math Made Fun
  • Math with Pictures from the Story
  • Spic and Span, A Science Investigation. 2 pages
  • Answer Keys

Do Unto Otters is a introduces manners and being polite in an animal habitat.  Included in Do Unto Otters Unit, are

  • Readers' Theater Script
  • Discussion Cards
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Using the Right Words
  • Sharing Favorites
  • Sentences that Describe
  • Friendly Bug
  • Math Sharing
  • Time To Be Kind, Logic Puzzle
  • Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms Song
  • Different and Alike
  • Showing Friendliness
  • Answer Keys



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