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Martina the Beautiful Cockroach, Maybelle in the Soup, and Cockr

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Even if you're afraid of cockroaches as a general rule, these three hysterical books featuring cockroaches will have you and your kids rolling on the floor or climbing on table tops!  (Remember, emotional memories make the longest-lasting memories).  The 22-page Kids' Wings unit for Martina, The Beautiful Cockroach (a beautifully illustrated picture book) together with Maybelle in the Soup (an easy chapter book) and Cockroach Cooties (a novel) will enrich and extend your reading of these creepy books. They perfect for individual, paired, group, or whole class study. Here are some of the 50+ pages:

Cockroach Cooties has ten pages of fun as it proves that a cockroach may be a bully's worst nightmare!

The Martina, The Beautiful Cockroach Unit Contains:

  • Discussion Cards
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Cockroach Facts Readers’ Theater
  • Cuba Research and Map Study
  • Story Mapping 
  • Character Lesson: Choosing the Right Husband or Wife
  • Creative Artwork Activities
  • Comparing Books 
  • Vocabulary and Writing Activities
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • Spanish Vocabulary Activity
  • Logic Puzzle
  • Fun with Words
  • Discussion/Writing Prompts

A 25-page unit for Maybelle in the Soup activity guide contains:

  • Discussion Cards
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Cockroach and the Flea: Readers’ Theater
  • Puppets for The Readers’ Theater
  • Maybelle’s Rules to Live By
  • Making Connections (Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions)
  • Idioms
  • Character Connections: Maybelle’s Rules and Your Rules
  • Building Your Vocabulary
  • Story Mapping
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
  • Comparing Books
  • Creative Writing Planning Corner—2 Pages
  • Creative Writing, First Draft
  • Creative Writing, Final Draft
  • Researching an Insect
  • Logic Puzzle: Crumbs and Spills Menu
  • Word-Changing Rules (ing, y, and double consonants)
  • Discussion/Writing Prompts


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