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Artsy Picture Books including Bridgets Beret

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Kids' Wings will delight you with four picture books featuring art literature:

Bridget's Beret by Tom Lichtenheld,
Willow by Denise Brennan-Nelson,
Look! Look! Look! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace with Linda K. Friedlaender, and
Math-erpieces by Greg Tang.

To extend the learning and fun, the Kids Wings 45-pages of exciting activities include:

  • Discussion Cards,
  • Vocabulary Discussion Cards,
  • Vocabulary Matching,
  • Readers Theater Script,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities,
  • Curing Artist's Block,
  • Scrambled Letters,
  • Drawing on Logic,
  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • Checking Understanding,
  • Willow's Wishes,
  • Snow Lady Shape Art,
  • Using My Imagination,
  • Painting with Logic,
  • Add and Subtract Art Supplies, and
  • Scrambled Letters.

Greg Tang's Math-erpieces introduces problem solving activities using the artwork of 12 famous painters becomes an aid in developing problem-solving skills through grouping.


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