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Chasing Vermeer

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Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliet can become the hub of learning in your classroom for 2-3 weeks! Your students will be challenged to become problem solvers while gathering reading and intrapersonal skills as they proceed through the high-level activities and enjoy the fun!

This Kids Wings Activity Guide and Activities Contains:

  • Discover How to Make a Set of Pentominoes
  • Dialectical Journal
  • Making Connections: A Pre- and Post-Reading Chapter Discussion Guide
  • Questions Without Answers
  • Petra and Calder, Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • Comparison of Petra and Calder
  • Famous Masterpieces
  • Who's Who Crossword Puzzle
  • Bright Idea! Use Calder’s Code on page 57 to decipher this message.
  • Wise Words! Use Calder’s Code on page 57 to decipher this message.
  • Picturing Words in Pairs
  • Multiple Choice Vocabulary Check
  • Art Project/Writing Prompt
  • The Trail of Clues
  • Research: Will the REAL Vermeer Please Stand Up?
  • Pentomino Words
  • Five in a Row Vocabulary Game
  • Writing Prompts
  • Answer Pages


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