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Roxie and the Hooligans

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The Kids' Wings 18-page unit for Roxie and the Hooligans guides your (3-6) students and literature circles by chapter and paired chapters. You will also receive an interactive Jeopardy-type game for your concluding activity!

For each chapter, you will find:

  • a list of vocabulary words,
  • predict/confirm chapter questions, and
  • a writing or illustrating activity related to the chapter.

Pre-reading Activities include:

  • discussion cards,
  • readers' theater script, and
  • map activity.

During Reading Activities include:

  • Note-taking grids help students record the Lord Thistlebottom's advice for survival. 
  • Create a map of the island,
  • Survival math,
  • Multiple choice comprehension, and
  • a page of "What Ifs."


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