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Abraham Lincoln

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The 17-page Kids' Wings unit for Stand Tall, Abraham Lincoln, will enrich and extend your reading of this beautiful picture book biography of the childhood of Abraham Lincoln. It contains the perfect activities for individual, paired, group, or whole class study.

The unit includes

  • Discussion Cards
  • Standing Tall: Readers’ Theater
  • Anticipation Guide
  • Vocabulary Study
  • Where in the World did Abe Live?
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Check-Up
  • Standing Tall for Words
  • Time for Chores (Math Connections), 2 pages
  • Cause and Effect
  • There’s More to the Story (Group Activity on Story Elements)
  • Turning Points Composition
  • Timeline of Abe Lincoln
  • Research Abraham Lincoln
  • Presidential Research Report 
  • Abe Lincoln’s Gifts
  • Readers’ Theater for Lincoln by Nancy Byrd Turner


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