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5 Rain Forest, Habitats, and Wild Animals

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Five Units (over 70 pages) for Award-winning Rainforest, Habitats, and Wild Animal Picure Books include:
Rainforest ABC;
I See a Kookaburra;
Starry Safari;
Jungle Drums; and
I Wanna Iguana (persuasive writing);

The units include:

  • readers' theater scripts,
  • special features of a nonfiction book,
  • predict/confirm,
  • aliteration activity,
  • Describing the Rainforest,
  • Animal Families,
  • discussion cards,
  • writing our own book about The Important Things About the Rainforest,
  • multiple choice comprehension questions,
  • editing/rewriting a letter,
  • story mapping,
  • Character Lessons on Honor and Jealousy,
  • special animal parts,
  • logic puzzles,
  • crossword puzzles,
  • persuasive writing activities,
  • persuasive writing song,
  • art activities, and more!


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