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Someone Named Eva

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The 31-page Kids' Wings unit for Someone Named Eva is one of our premier units for grades 3-8. Engaging students in prereading through discussion cards and anticipation guide, the unit is prepares students for exciting reading in one of the best books about the Holocaust ever written. Y​ou won't find a better unit for history, problem solving, and high level thinking!

Activities in the unit include:

  • a readers theater script,
  • predict/confirm chapter questions,
  • dialectical journaling,
  • Memory Box Book Reporting,
  • logic puzzle,
  • World War II mapping,
  • Questioning the History in Historical Fiction,
  • Vocabulary Game,
  • Character Studies,
  • Character Poem,
  • Eva's Song Summary Writing,
  • Visualizing Chapter 1,
  • crossword puzzles,
  • summarizing,
  • puzzles,
  • point of view,
  • multiple choice and short answer comprehension,
  • writing/discussion prompts, and
  • Jeopardy-type game.


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