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Surprises According to Humphrey

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The 31-page Kids' Wings unit for Surprises According to Humphrey will enrich and extend your reading of this delightly funny classroom story told by Humphrey, the class hamster who considers himself just another student. The Kids Wings Literature Guide and Activities is perfect for individual, paired, group, or whole class study. 

It comes with three versions of Humphrey’s recorded song: 1) the song being sung in Humphrey’s hamster voice (funny!), 2) the song being sung by a human, 3) the melody that will help you write and sing a new stanza for each of the remaining chapters to help you learn how to summarize!  

You’ll also love the interactive Jeopardy-type game for your whole class to play.

The unit includes: 

  • Discussion Cards
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Two-page Readers’ Theater Script
  • Memory Box Book Talk
  • Gifts and Talents in Mrs. Brisbane's Class
  • Character Lesson: Reading Mrs. Brisbane's Mind
  • Anticipation Guide
  • Humphrey's Squeaky Surprises Recorded Song sung by the hamster or YOU!
  • Humphrey's Guide to writing more summarizing stanzas of his Surprises Song
  • Chapter Guides including Vocabulary, Predict-Read-Confirm Chapter Questions, and Activities, plus Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • Spring Has Sprung Math Bulletin Board
  • Crossword Puzzle for Chapters 6 and 7
  • Writing Summary Sentences
  • Discussion/Writing Prompts
  • Comprehension Test for pages 124-128 
  • Matching Vocabulary Tests
  • And a Jeopardy-type Game.


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