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Stories about Brain Science

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Paired Literature rooted in brain science! A nonfiction story, Phineas Gage, A Gruesome, But True Story About Brain Science and The Graduation of Jake Moon (Alzheimers).

Phineas Gage includes an
anticipation guide,
a readers theater introduction,
cumulative reading,
brainy journal,
doctor's log,
chapter questions for prediction/confirmation,
logic puzzle,
crossword puzzle,
multiple choice comprehension,
research for the brain and its connections, and
answer keys!

Also included is a study guide for the realistic fiction story, The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park.

Activities in this unit include:
Summarizing/Cartooning Activities,
Making Connections Chapter Questions,
a character study,
multiple choice comprehension,
The Discovery of Penicillin and comprehension questions,
Future Goals,
Alzheimers' Research Parts 1 and 2,
Writing Prompts, and
Answer Keys.


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