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Fame and Glory

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The 14-page Kids' Wings unit for the Barbara O'Connor's novel, Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia, will enable your students to build basic skills while collaborating in the reading of this special novel about friendship, compassion, understanding, and love.

The unit guides student study in exciting reading activities for a story set in the fictious Freedom, Georgia.

Activities in the unit include:

  • an anticipation guide,
  • character study,
  • predict/confirm chapter questions,
  • changing characters,
  • multiple choice chapter check-ups,
  • "The Truth about Love,"
  • Character Make-Overs,
  • Spelling Game,
  • Similes and Metaphors,
  • Mountains and Valleys,
  • Character Comparisons,
  • Conquering the Dictionary Math,
  • Have to Have it Shop Logic,
  • Writing Prompts, and
  • answer pages.


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