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Kids' Wings Spider Units

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6 award-winning SPIDER BOOKS:
Nic Bishop Spiders,
Sneaky Spinning Baby Spiders,
Diary of a Spider,
The Tarantula Scientist, and
Spiders and their Websites!  
PLUS a BONUS unit for About Arachnids!
Download all 65-pages of activities for Grades K-5.

Powerful Activities in these Kids Wings units include:

Nic Bishop Spiders includes:

  • Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
  • Readers' Theater
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Discussion Cards
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spider Research
  • My Spider Story
  • Editing and Revising a Letter to a Parent
  • Label the Spider Parts
  • Draw a Fictional Spider
  • Write a Letter to Nic Bishop
  • Bug Fun
  • Logic Puzzle
  • Answer Pages

The Tarantula Scientist includes 7 pages of activities with Readers Theater Script, Crossword Puzzle,  Comprehension Check-up, Guided Research Project, Writing Prompts, and 5 More Projects

Spiders and Their Websites contains 8 pages of activities including:  Anticipation Guide, Crossword Puzzle, Spider Research Grid, Comprehension Check-up, Creepy MATH, Guided Research, Writing Prompts, and Answers.

Sneaking Spinning Baby Spiders includes: Discussion Cards; Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction;
If I were A Spider Readers' Theater; Crossword Puzzle; Multiple Choice Comprehension; Fact Matching; Spider Parts;
Comparing Spider Books; Spider Research; Label the Spider Parts; Baby Spider Crossword Puzzle; Answers. 

About Arachnids includes: Anticipation Guide;  Crossword Puzzle; Which One? Logic Puzzle; Draw A Spider; Puppet; Be a ZooKeeper; Creepy Math; Maze; Two-Page Writing Lesson; Book Comparison;

Diary of a Spider includes: Crossword Puzzle; Discussion Cards; Character Lesson; Idioms; Readers' Theater; 2 Book Comparisons; Perspective; Safety Drills; and Application Across the Curriculum


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