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Calvin Coconut, Night of the Seven Splashes, Surfer of the Centu

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Kids Wings presents a unique 64-page Hawaiian Trio!

Calvin Coconut, Trouble Magnet (realistic fiction)
The Night of the Seven Splashes (legend)
Surfer of the Century (biography) 

The 29-page Kids' Wings unit for Calvin Coconut is the perfect hysterical vehicle for improving vocabulary, comprehension, cooperative group skills, and cross-curriculum skills while exploring real life problems entwined with fun in your classroom!

The Calvin Coconut, Trouble Magnet 29-page unit includes:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards 
  • 2-Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
  • Preparing Your Intellectual Tools, Dialectical Journals
  • Map Activity: Where in the World is Hawaii?
  • Similes: Words That Paint Pictures
  • Reading The Map; Map Making--My Home
  • Chapter Guides: Vocabulary, Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions
  • Chapter Check Ups: Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
  • The Write Stuff: What's Troubling Tito?
  • Sequence This!
  • The Write Stuff: Bad Decisions
  • Hawaiian Recipes
  • Crossword Puzzle: Action Verbs
  • The Write Stuff: What's Up with Stella?
  • Converting Dialect to Standard English
  • 3-Page Lesson Plan for Teaching Sentence Combining: Compound and Complex Sentences 
  • Who's Who? Puzzle
  • Wrapping Up the Story--Discussion Cards
  • Famous Last Words Puzzle
  • Acting Out The Centipede Catastrophe
  • Answer Pages

Night of the Seven Splashes is a unique 22-page Hawaiian menehune legend with felt-board patterns that explains how the Hawaiian Islands were formed. It is prepared in PowerPoint and will lend itself to the telling on a felt board.

Also included is a 13-page Kids Wings activity guide for Surfer of the Century by Ellie Crowe, the biography of Hawaii's beloved Olympic hero.  Activities include:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards 
  • Readers’ Theater Introduction
  • Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction--Pretest
  • Map Activity: Where in the World is Hawaii?
  • Character Study
  • Vocabulary List
  • Vocabulary Bingo
  • Taking Waves, Making Waves
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension 
  • Olympic Champion Research
  • Olympic Champion Writing
  • Comparing Books
  • Answer Pages


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