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Lewis, Clark, and Dog Years

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The 24-page paired Kids Wings units for two books featuring Dog Heroes includes the 9-page Kids' Wings unit for Lewis and Clark and Me, A Dog's Tale by Laurie Myers that tells the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the eyes of their dog PAIRED by My Life in Dog Years, Gary Paulsen's autobiography. Lewis and Clark and Me, your students will be transported back in time in a dog's account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The unit for Lewis and Clark and Me includes these activities:

  • Map Activities,
  • Measuring the Journey,
  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • Logic Puzzle,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension,
  • Research other famous dogs,
  • Acrostic Poem Summary,
  • Changing Voice,
  • The Next Step Writing
  • In My Life in Dog Years, activities include:
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • Short Cuts (Choosing the best summary),
  • More Shortcuts,
  • Map a Life,
  • Map a Farm,
  • Vocabulary Study,
  • Summarizing--The Ballad of Paulsen's Dogs,
  • Figures of Speech,
  • Bowling Math,
  • Bowling Math Spinners,
  • Writing Prompts,
  • Answers.


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