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Oceans and Pirates

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6 Ocean and Pirates Books: Kids' Wings presents 84 pages of activities for six books about Oceans and Pirates that cross the genres!  
This collection contains these books:

The Giant Rat of Sumatra by Sid Fleischman- An exciting novel for grades 4-8, includes a Jeopardy-type game

Pirates a realistic poetry picture book illustrated with full-page paintaings of realistic pirates by David L. Harrison
The Thirteenth Floor by Sid Fleischman, Time Travel/Ghost Story;
Seadogs: An Epic Ocean Operetta by Lisa Wheeler Graphic Novel;
Sea Clocks by Louise Borden, Biography of John Harrison who discovered how to use LONGITUDE to navigate the ocean;
How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long, Primary Picture Book.

Activities include:

  • Prereading group discussion cards,
  • readers' theater scripts,
  • research,
  • vocabulary games,
  • getting Ready to Read Nonfiction,
  • predict/confirm chapter questions,
  • map activities,
  • character studies,
  • journaling,
  • crossword puzzles,
  • fluency chart,
  • characterization,
  • story plot,
  • multiple-choice comprehension activities,
  • dramatizing a mock trial,
  • sequencing the events,
  • logic puzzle,
  • writing prompts,
  • things that are important to me,
  • converting a graphic novel to a narrative,
  • designing a treasure hunt,
  • comparing movie and book,
  • note taking,
  • art,
  • phonics,
  • storybooks for a pirate,
  • wanted posters,
  • maze,
  • prewriting to writing.
  • ​Answer Keys.


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