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Grace for President, Imogene's Last Stand & Edwina

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Three MUST-HAVE Citizens-Action-Selections will introduce your students to kids who know how to be great citizens. They include Imogene's Last Stand, Edwina Victorious, and Grace for President! 41-pages of activities PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard! The Kids Wings unit connects award-winning literature with problem solving, skill-building, character-building, and fun!

The units contain:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards
  • Anticipation Guide
  • Getting Ready to Read Embedded Nonfiction
  • A Readers Theater Introduction
  • Character Study
  • Preserving History Crossword Puzzle
  • Map Study: New Hampshire,
  • Checking Comprehension Multiple Choice
  • Researching and Reporting on a National Landmark
  • Your Elected Leaders
  • Locating the Problems and Actions That Solve Problems
  • "I Am An American" Choral Reading
  • "I Am An American" Writing
  • Dialectical Journaling
  • Making Connections: Predict & Confirm Chapter Questions
  • Treasures in the Attic, A Logic Puzzle
  • Checking Comprehension Multiple Choice
  • Who are your elected leaders?
  • Locating Giants
  • Stones that Defeat Giants 
  • Sequencing
  • Your Elected Leaders
  • Celebrating Success: Write a Newspaper Article
  • Designing a Habitat for a Zoo
  • Vocabulary Victories
  • Puns
  • Figures of Speech
  • Writing Prompts

Grace for President Activities include

  • Readers Theater Script on the Electoral College
  • Logic Puzzle
  • Cast Your Ballot Puzzle
  • Vote Here Activities
  • P Is for President (phonics)
  • Answer Key


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