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Meerkats and Meerkat Mail

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The 25-page Kids' Wings units for two award-winning picture books will enrich and extend your reading of this meerkat nonfiction and meerkat fantasy fiction paired literature! Included are activities for Meerkat Mail and Meerkats.

Activities in the fantasy fiction Meerkat Mail unit include:

  • Discussion Cards,
  • Before and After Reading Vocabulary,
  • Prediction,
  • 2-page Readers Theater Script,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension,
  • Pictures in Sentences,
  • Crossword Puzzle: News in Sunny's Postcards,
  • Whose Suitcase? A Logic Puzzle,
  • Playful Postcards,
  • Meerkat Math,
  • And Answer Page,

Activities in the nonfiction Meerkats unit include:

  • Group Discussion Cards,
  • Readers' Theater Script,
  • Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction,
  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • Do I Remember the Facts?
  • Amazing Mammals,
  • Mighty Meerkats Partner Activity,
  • Kid Connections,
  • Drawing,
  • Math Made Fun,
  • ABC with Meerkat Words,
  • Living and Nonliving Things,
  • Meerkats Research,
  • Mapping Activity,
  • Answer Keys


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