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Scarum Fair, Pompeii, and Mummies

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Scary Stuff in 2 informational and one narrative poem! The 38-pages of activities in the Kids Wings Literature Guides for Scarum Fair by Jessica Swaim,
Pompeii by Mary Pope Osborne, and
Sandra Markle's Outside and Inside Mummies are now grouped into one download.

Included are three literature guides and Jeopardy-type games for Scarum Fair and Pompeii.

The Activities in Scarum Fair include:

  • Discussion Cards 
  • Analyze and Evaluate the Poems
  • Vocabulary Study
  • A Poet's Eyes
  • Creepy Crosswords
  • Playing with Words, Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities, 3 pages
  • Poet's Corner Planning Page, Poetry Writing
  • Carnival Costume Prize Winners, a Logic Puzzle
  • Researching Count Dracula
  • Answer Pages
  • AND a BONUS Jeopardy-type game!
Activities in nonfiction books Outside and Inside Mummies and Pompeii include:
  • Map activities
  • Nonfiction Prereading activities
  • Readers Theater script
  • Multiple Choice Activities
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Cloze activities
  • Logic puzzle 
  • Answers and more
  • A Jeopardy-type game is included for Pompeii
  • A Tag-game is also included for Pompeii


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