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Birthday Surprises

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One Prompt, Ten Different Responses! Birthday Surprises Ten Stories to Unwrap collected by Johanna Hurwitz! The stories and poems that grew were each unique and each one carried a special message! The results were a collection of stories (ranging from sad to heartwarming to amusing) that children will treasure! It is the perfect motivator for inspiring students to write!

The Kids Wings literature guide provides fun activities based on sound objectives for each short story, poem, and other response from a famous writer.  

Birthday Surprises + the Kids Wings Literature Guide = Fun, interaction, stronger writers, and an appreciation of truly creative and entertaining writing.

This short story collection contains these responses from Famous Writers:

  • The Empty Box: Brainstorm Possibilities
  • The Empty Box: Create a Story Map and Write
  • "The Special Powers of Blossom Culp" (Characteristics and Drawing)
  • Which Present (Logic Puzzle)
  • Gander? Posse? Gaggle? Partitions? (Vocabulary Check-up)
  • "The Special Powers of Blossom Culp": What Will She Be? (Partner Project) 
  • No Such Thing (Setting) Multiple Choice
  • Birthday Box Creation
  • "What the Princess Discarded" (Vocabulary Multiple Choice)
  • "What the Princess Discarded" (Illustration and Venn Diagram) 
  • "Hattie's Birthday Box" (Timeline)
  • "Hattie's Birthday Box" (Interview and Write)
  • "The Birthday of Madeline Blore" (Crossword Puzzle)
  • "Victor" (Drawing Conclusions Multiple Choice)
  • "Victor" (Figurative Language Multiple Choice and Illustration)
  • "Promises: (Rules of Friendship)
  • "The Empty Box" (Sequencing)
  • Math Challenges
  • Writing Prompts
  • Answer Keys



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