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Birds: Challenger, Thunder Birds, Eaglets, Vulture View

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This 44-page Kids' Wings unit for 4 bird-related literature guides including:

Challenger (America's Favorite Eagle).
The Activity Guide for Challenger Contains:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
  • Anticipation Guide;
  • Readers Theater Introduction;
  • 2 Challenging Crossword Puzzles;
  • 2-page Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Birds of Prey Research;
  • A Bird of Prey Report;
  • Math Challenge;
  • Challenging Fun;
  • Symbols of the United States Research;
  • The Para-Olympic Games Research;
  • A Letter to the American Eagle Foundation for Editing;
  • Answer Keys

Thunder Birds (Natures's Flying Predators) 
Activities for Thunder Birds include:

  • Discussion Cards;
  • Before you Read;
  • Birdy Words Crossword Puzzle;
  • Singing or Reading to the Beat of the Wings (Group Research, Comparison, Art);
  • The Thunder Birds' Chant;
  • Understanding Thunder Birds;
  • A Working Vacation,
  • Logic Puzzle;
  • Answer Pages 

Eaglet's World.  
The paired non-fiction units about the American Bald Eagle will enrich and extend your reading of this nonfiction collection of books about birds of prey. It is perfect for paired, group, or whole class study. 

The activity guide for
Eaglet's World contains:

  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • Primary Readers Theater;
  • Note-taking page;
  • Eagle Math;
  • Multiple-choice comprehension;
  • Prewriting and Writing;
  • Answers

Vulture's View.  
Activities for Vulture View include:

  • Discuss Cards;
  • Readers Theater;
  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • Discerning Fact and Fun;
  • A Letter About Vultures;
  • Dot to Dot picture;
  • Checking for Understanding;
  • The Vulture Tree Logic Puzzle;
  • Answer Page


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