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Trickster Tales Monkey and Jabuti, and Same, Same, and Different

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The Kids Wings Units for Monkey, A Trickster Tale from India, Jabuti the Turtle Trickster Tale, and Same, Same, and Different together in one download!

Activities for Monkey, a Trickster Tale from India include:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
  • 2-Page Readers' Theater Introduction;
  • Trickster Crossword Puzzle;
  • Do I Understand?
  • Back to the Treetops--Maze;
  • Mama Monkey's Mango Treats--Logic Puzzle;
  • Think Like a Monkey!
  • Follow Directions;
  • Monkey's Games;
  • Answer Page;

Activities in Jabuti the Tortoise include:

  • Readers Theater Script;
  • Understanding the Story;
  • Short Story, Summarizing the Story;
  • Tortoise Puzzle;
  • Rain Forest Animals;
  • The Hurt of Jealousy;
  • Sweet Music Crossword Puzzle;
  • Repeated Reading Chart;
  • What Happened to Vulture,
  • Prewriting;
  • Answer Page;

Similar activities are in Same, Same, and Different:

  • Discussion Cards;
  • Map Skills;
  • Compare India and the United States;
  • What's the Difference;
  • Drawing Pictures to Show Similarities and Differences;
  • Answers.


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