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The Giant Rat of Sumatra and The Thirteenth Floor

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Sid Fleischman's The Giant Rat of Sumatra!

Aye! 'Tis land ho! Pirates have landed! The Giant Rat of Sumatra weighs anchor on the coast of San Diego. The year, 1846. Captain Gallows and his crew of scurvy pirates come ashore for a pirate adventure like no other! Told through the eyes of his 12-year-old cabin boy named Shipwreck (for obvious reasons), you can plunge into the fun as you meet the jovial Mexican pirate, Alejandro Gallows. Follow him as he encounters breathtaking escapes, snarling mutineers, lost loves, fast friendships, and revenge like no other.

Activities in the 23-page The Giant Rat of Sumatra unit with 53-slide Jeopardy-type game:

  • Jeopardy-type game.
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • Pirate Stereotypes,
  • Chapter Predict/Confirm Question,
  • Vocabulary Activities,
  • Crossword Puzzles,
  • Layout for a Mock Trial,
  • Recognizing and Using Literary Devices,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Tests,
  • Be the Illustrator,
  • Group Projects,
  • Captain's Log Math,
  • Character Match, and
  • Discussion/Writing Prompts!

Activities for 13-page The Thirteenth Floor, a pirate, time-travel, and ghost story include:

  • Predict the Future,
  • Understanding the Characters,
  • Vocabulary Journal,
  • Picture the Setting,
  • Research Projects,
  • Increasing Fluency in Reading,
  • The Characters,
  • The Plot, and the
  • Problem, Dramatic Production,
  • Play the Interpreter,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages,
  • Dramatize the Trial,
  • Logic on Trial,
  • Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle,
  • Writing Prompts, and
  • answer keys.


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