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Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

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This Kids' Wings unit for Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia Clifton offers terrific curriculum connections with enrichment and extension for your reading of this realistic fiction about loss, bullying, family dysfunction, resourcefulness, and survival. It provides students opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, and build skills! An interactive Jeopardy-type game is included. This Kids Wings unit ignites mastery learning and provides lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board! 

This Kids Wings Literature Guide includes:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards;
  • Anticipation Guide;
  • Preparing Your Intellectual Tools,
  • Dialectical Journal;
  • Map Activities: Where in the USA Is Illinois?
  • 2-Page Play Script;
  • A Vocabulary List;
  • Prediction and Chapter Questions with Quick Write Prompts;
  • Character Study;
  • Researching Color,
  • A Color Wheel, and Color Experiments;
  • Literary Devices,
  • A Showcase;
  • Illustrate Part of Your Town;
  • Crossword Puzzle: Laredo to Illinois;
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension by Dates for 8 Sections;
  • It's About Time, Math Problem Solving;
  • Words to Pictures,
  • Visualizing the Story, 3 pages;
  • Straws on the Camel's Back;
  • Cause and Effect;
  • alk About the Story,
  • a Discussion Guide;
  • A Visual Summary;
  • What If?
  • Analyzing Poetry: "Masks"; Comparing "Masks" to the Story,
  • Multiple Choice and Short Answer;
  • Learning from Frankie Joe;
  • Logic Puzzle: What to Do If You Are Being Bullied;
  • Discussion: There's More to the Story;
  • Creating a New Chapter,
  • Guided Writing;
  • First Draft to Final Draft;
  • After-Reading Discussion Cards;
  • Answer Pages;
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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