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Oak Inside the Acorn, Dirty Third Street, Thunder from the Sea

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Three Christian books! The Oak Inside the Acorn, Thunder from the Sea, The House on Dirty-Third Street offer Christian concepts and characters. Picture book The House on Dirty-third Streed tells young girl tells the story of moving into poverty and finding angels there as she learns to see with the eyes of faith when she seeks help. This unit includes 9 pages of activities. Also included in the download is picture book The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado and novel Thunder from the Sea by Joan Hiatt Harlow offers these activities: Pre-reading Discussion Cards; Readers Theater Script; Moving Time, Math Estimation; Looking Through the Eyes of Faith; Moving Math; A Building-Block Challenge; Do You Remember? The Move on a Map; Answer Page. Activities in The Oak inside the Acorn include: Discussion Cards; 3-page Readers Theater Script; Crossword Puzzle; Checking Understanding/Multiple Choice; Visualizing the Story; Life Cycle of an Oak Tree; Oak Tree Research; God's Plan for Me; Personification; Story Mapping; Creative Corner; What Would I Like to Become? The Life Cycle of a Tree; Answer Keys; Novel, Thunder from the Sea, includes these activities: Anticipation Guide; Chapter Questions for Prediction and Confirmation; The Truth About Love Bingo; The Setting of the Story Crossword Puzzle; Map of Back of the Moon; Multiple Choice Chapter Check-ups; Converting to a Comic Book; Research Project--Tsunami; Tsunami Facts Game; Vocabulary Sparklers; Comparing Books; Discussion Prompts; Answer Keys


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