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Christopher Mouse

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 Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler

Come travel with this perky little mouse who is not only an adventurer but a well-educated a poet as well. His journal will take you from his safe, cozy birthplace cage into an uncertain world. It is guaranteed to make you squeak with delight!  The literature guide includes 17 pages of activities.

The Literature Guides include these activities:

  • Prereading Discussion Questions;
  • Anticipation Guides;
  • Chapter Questions for Predict and Confirm;
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activity pages;
  • Math and Mapping,
  • Convert a Mouse House to Your House;
  • Analyze the Parrot Talk;
  • Book Jacket Art Prediction;
  • Vocabulary Sparklers;
  • 5-in-a-Row Vocabulary Game;
  • The Marriage of the Mouse, an Ethiopian Tale, with Questions;
  • Vocabulary Crossword Review;
  • Poetry that Grows Out of Experience;
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
  • Research Project;
  • Writing Prompts;
  • Answer Page


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