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Monsieur Marceau

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Monsieur Marceau, the picture book biography of world-famous mime, Marcel Marceau, will introduce your students to this celebrated entertainer who was a World War II hero as a teenager in France! The Kids Wings literature guide offers exciting curriculum connections with enrichment and extension for your reading of this award-winning picture book biography. It will introduce your students to new ways of using this silent communication!

It includes 8 pages of interdisciplinary activities formulated as worksheets. The activities are perfect for paired, group, or whole class study, and are keyed into important objectives. This Kids Wings unit ignites fun, mastery learning, and creative lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board!

This Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
  • Anticipation Guide;
  • Readers' Theater Script for Mimes;
  • Silent Communication Crossword Puzzle;
  • Where in the World, Maps;
  • Checking Comprehension;
  • Deciphering a Marceau Quote;
  • Answer Page


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