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A Season of Comebacks

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Girls' Softball is in the spotlight as two rival sisters compete for the prize!  A Season of Comebacks by Kathy Mackel is a great sports story about two rival sisters who play fast-pitch softball. 

Girls in grades 4 up will love the story and will enjoy the skills built into the Kids Wings lesson plans. The Kids Wings literature activities offers exciting problem-solving curriculum connections for your reading of this great sports story.

The 12-page Kids Wings Activity Guide Includes:

  • Map of the Playing Field--Label each player;
  • High Flying Figures of Speech;
  • Vocabulary with Velocity,
  • 2 Pages; Put Me In Coach,
  • A Lesson in Pronouns;
  • Put Me in Coach,
  • a Pronoun Song;
  • Play a Game BEEP,
  • No Pronouns Allowed;
  • Coach's Error--Pronoun Referents;
  • Put Me in Pronouns-Multiple Choice Check Up;
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game--Using Summarizing Skills to Write New verses;
  • Game Analysis,
  • Comprehension Questions;
  • Major League Money,
  • Math Skills;
  • Crossword Comebacks;
  • Writing Prompts for Different Occasions;
  • Answer Pages


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