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The Winners Walk

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Case Callahan dreams of someday being a winner like everyone else in his family. Will he win the talent show? Will his science fair project on the heart come out on top? Could he finally win a horse show?  In The Winner's Walk, a sudden turn in events teaches Case Callahan that the highest form of winning doesn't come in applause and blue ribbons but in sacrifice and a compassionate heart.  

Activities in the unit include:
  • Readers Theater Script about Dogs
  • Prereading Discussion Cards
  • Anticipation Guide
  • A Pre- and Post-Reading Discussion Guide by Chapters
  • Transform a Story with Quartet Reading
  • 15-Second Summaries
  • An Estimation Game
  • Map Activities:  Where in the USA is Kansas?
  • Trophy Hunting, A Crossword Puzzle
  • Comprehension Check-ups
  • What's Real in Realistic Fiction?
  • The Agility Trial, a Logic Puzzle
  • Writing Noah's Story
  • Reaching New Heights, a Fallen Tile Puzzle
  • Answers


The Winners Walk
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