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Daddy Mountain

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Before you read Daddy Mountain, think about these questions:
What if Daddy were a mountain? Would you be brave enough to climb him all the way to the top? What would happen if you slipped? What would happen if you fell? Could you do it? And, if you could, what would your momma say?

This simple picture book contains seeds for study of gravity and the importance of daddies. Lessons of courage and trust are inherent, too. And to top it off, it's just FUNNY!

Activities in the 25 page unit Include:

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Readers’ Theater
  • Prereading Discussion Cards
  • Character Page on Courage and Trust
  • Vocabulary Activities
  • Analogies
  • Forces Song
  • Gravity Activities and Experiments
  • Repeated Readings
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • Editing Practice
  • A Four-Page Writing Lesson
  • Scary Lessons, A Logic Puzzle
  • Answers


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