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Faith and the Electric Dogs

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Faith and the Electric Dogs will charge imaginations and make skill-building fun!  It is a one-of-a-kind fantasy!

When Faith’s family moves to Mexico. Faith is miserable. Language problems bar friendships at school, but a lovable, multi-lingual mutt named Edison accompanies her through a fantastic journey in a homemade rocket ship. Edison’s expertise in language and cultures is delightful and his revelations of canine facts are nothing short of hysterical.  

You'll find this story and Kids Wings literature guide ingenious!

Activities include:

  • A Languages of the World Map
  • Dialectical Journal Language Dictionary
  • The Language of Pictures
  • The Unwritten Language
  • Social Languages
  • Body Language
  • The Language of Understanding
  • Math Challenges in Dog Years
  • The Language of a Hero Crossword Puzzle
  • Using YOUR Language: Writing Prompts


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