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The Birthday Pet

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The perfect book for your pet unit or a birthday present!  The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick

The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick

Danny's birthday is coming up. 
He wants a special pet!
Will the one he really wants, 
Be the one he gets?

Here's a funny story
About his birthday presents.
His family members choose the ones
That would make them most content!

You'll like the pictures.
You'll like the rhymes.
You'll love the story
To read many times!

 The Kids' Wings Activities Include:

  • A Rhyming Readers' Theater Script
  • Discussion Cards
  • Before and After Reading Guide
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Checking for Understanding?
  • Pet Survey
  • Rhyming Birthday Balloons
  • Name the Pets Logic Puzzle
  • Fun with Pets Combination Activities
  • Writing Starter
  • Animal Moves Game
  • Kid Connection
  • Answer Keys 


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