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Wolf Hollow, A 2017 Newbery Honor Book


WOLF HOLLOW by Lauren Wolk, 2017 Newbery Honor Book
Bullying is not a game. Some might think it is and design elaborate rules for those who are being bullyied:
Ignore them. Stand up for yourself. Don't cry and run. Tell the bully to stop. Tell an adult. Everything will turn out all right. But what if none of these work?

What if they refuse to be ignored? 
What if they shove their way into your life? 
What if they just don't care how bad the consequences of their actions are?
What if there just isn't anything positive about them?
What if what happens to Annabelle in Wolf Hollow happens to YOU?

Setting: Rural Pennsylvania, 1943

Annabelle is a happy eleven-year-old girl in Wolf Hollow while half a world away in Germany, World War II rages and keeps everyone at home spooked. But her life changes forever the day Betty Glengarry arrives. Annabelle's childhood innocence is about to end.

Betty is a bully who pokes her with sharp pencils and curses little kids. When that isn't enough, she secretly threatens to hurt Annabelle and her little brothers. And her violent malice grows while Annabelle continues to believe she can handle what might come next. But she can't.

Watching it all is a quiet, wounded, World War I veteran named Toby who roams the hills around Wolf Hollow. Although Toby is befriended by Annabelle's family, neighbors are suspicious of him. Betty is cruel, threatening, and thrives on inflicting pain. When she hides on a hill and throws a rock, severely wounding Annabelle's best friend, Toby is suspected. When Annabelle's youngest brother is viciously injured, Toby is again suspected. 

And then, one day Betty disappears. Toby, once again, becomes the prime suspect. Annabelle is determined to prove his innocence, but life happens. Her determination and courage to stand for what is right is not always rewarded. Can good conquer evil when all you expect to happen doesn't and lies are swallowed up in truth?

The Kids Wings Literature Guide by master teacher Suzy Red comes to you in both PowerPoint and PDF formats for easy projection and printing. The Activities include:
Before and After Reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
2-page Readers Theater Introduction
Create a Collage: A Growing Monster
Dialectical Journaling
Annabelle, A Character Study
Ruth, a Character Study
Betty Glengarry, A Character Study
Sensational Similes
Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2, Vocabulary, Predict-Read-Confirm
Legal Names of Crimes
Crimes in Wolf Hollow
What’s in the Heart of a Wolf? A Research Report
Things that Matter, 2 pages
Things that Matter Interactive 
Comprehension Check-Up: Introduction, Chapters 1-2, Multiple Choice
The Camera and Caring for Toby. Chapters 3, 4, 5 -- Vocabulary-Predict-Read-Confirm
What was World War I? A Research Report
Good or Evil? Chapter 3-5--Visualizing the Text
Kindness and Cruelty, Chapters 3-5 Multiple Choice Comprehension
Retribution! Change! Calamities! Chapters 6-8 Vocabulary-Predict-Read-Confirm
The Evil Grows Stronger: Chapters 6-8 -- Visualizing the Text
Who Was Long John Silver? A Research Report
Clues, Accusations, and Lies! Chapters 9-11 -- Vocabulary-Predict-Read-Confirm
Investigating the Crimes, A Crossword Puzzle
Missing! Chapters 12-14 -- Predict-Read-Confirm
Quiz: Mood and Plot Development, Chapter 12-14
Hiding Toby! Exploring Possibilities! Chapters 15-17 -- Vocabulary-Predict-Read-Confirm
Who Was Amelia Earhart? A Research Report
Quiz: Hiding Toby and Exploring Possibilities: Chapters 15-17 -- Multiple Choice
That Which Haunted Toby
Last Search! Betty! Toby! Chapters 18-20 -- Vocabulary-Predict-Read-Confirm
A Trail of Whispers
Draw on Your Understanding: Visualize Chapters 18-20
Explanations, Kindnesses, Uncovered! Chapters 21-23 Vocabulary -- Predict-Read-Confirm
A Trail of Whispers 
Annabelle’s Decision, A Logic Puzzle
Annabelle’s Decision, A Logic Puzzle, Challenge Version
Annabelle’s Deep Thoughts
A Friend, A Gossip, A Hero: Chapters 24-27 -- Vocabulary-Predict-Read-Confirm
The Congressional Medal of Honor: A Research Report
Creating An Alternate Ending
Discussion and Writing Prompts
Answer Pages

Plus an Interactive Jeopardy-type game in PowerPoint format!


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