Great Solar System Sites

The Solar System
by Thomas Pickett

Sky Tellers: The Myths, Magic,
and Mysteries of the Universe--


Sunrise from Space

Antarctic Guide to Martian Weathering

Earth Lights from Space

Star Child

Metaphor Picturing the Size of Space

Award-winning Literature about Space and Stars
with Great Kids Wings Literature Guides

the House of Power

by Patrick Carman
Science Fiction

Aliens on Vacation, The Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast
by Clete Barrett Smith
Hilarious Science Fiction

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
Winner of Caldecott Medal

Alien Secrets by Annette Curtis Klause, Science Fiction Mystery $7.95 Click Here to Purchase and Download the Literature Activities

Picture Books

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man
Picture Book
by Michael Chabon
Comets, Stars, the Moon
and Mars
--Poems by Douglas Florian
Even Aliens Need Snacks
by Matthew McElligott
picture book
Zita, The Space Girl --graphic novel
My Light by Molly Bang

Great Solar System Sites

Next Generation Space Suit--NOVA

NASA for Students

Space Jokes

More Jokes


Star Light, Star Bright 

The Hubble Telescope

Nasa-Funded Summer Institutes

Solar System Trading Card Game

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