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Where IS That? Great Quiz!
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Schoolhouse Rock:
The Preamble to the Constitution

Medieval Times
Crispin, the Cross of Lead


Original Source Documents

Civil War Timeline
*Gabriel's Horses
*The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg

Preambles to the States' Constitutions
Thirteen Original Colonies
*Stranded on Plimoth Plantation 1626

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The American Revolution

*Woods Runner
*Spy by Anna Myers
the 2-voice biography of Nathan Hale

Schoolhouse Rock:
The Preamble to the Constitution

A Timeline of Women in History

The Civil War
The Civil War For Kids

Civil War Timeline
*Gabriel's Horses
*The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg

I'm Just a Bill

Alaska Gold Rush
*The Klondike Kid, Bk 1
Sailing for Gold
* Akiak, a Tale of the Ididarod

Books on World War I
Life and Times of the Caddo 
Coming to America

*Home of the Brave
*14 Cows for America

World War II Literature
*On the Wings of Heroes

WW II Monoply Freed German Prisoners!

World War II Era Songs

The First Christians

*Until the Christ Child Came
*Stranded on Plimoth Plantation 1626
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Nostalgia, Early Phone System

Terrorism and 
September 11, 2001

*Spy Camp

History Matters!

Museum of Tolerance Online
 Holocaust Museum

*Someone Named Eva

United We Stand!
July, 1942

Eyewitness to History

American Currency Exhibit
The History Channel
 The Gold Rush
Cartoon from 1948: Make Mine Freedom
National Archives 
and Records
The Yankee Clipper
Poem:  I am an American
The Wasteful Older
Texas History
Texas, Texans, 
and the Alamo
Sites and Music of Texas

Lone Star Junction

Texans' Bragging Rights

Learning About the
Texas Revolution
The Bob Bullock
Texas State 
History Museum
Texas, Our Texas
Fantastic Facts About Texas
People and Places
The American President
Washington, D.C.
Biography of the Day
Nathan Hale
Connecticut State Song
Connecticut's Website for Kids
The 44 Presidents
Patriotic Speech
Pictures of Places
The Birth of the Israeli Air Force
*John F. Kennedy
Distinguished Women
Susan B. Anthony
The Eiffel Tower

*George Washington's Teeth

United States Mint
Yosemite National Park's Frazil Ice


Any Day in History



United States Mint


Samuel Adams

Tour London!
Wild Russia Tours
The American President
Modern Issues
Justice Learning

* Grace for President

The Electoral College Interactive Map

Laws & Government
How Bills Become Law

Who Makes the Laws?

Mock Trial
based on 

Newberry Award Winner

Bud, Not Buddy
Preambles to the States' Constitutions

A very special thanks to cowboy entertainer/educator Ted Newman for allowing us to use part of his original song: "Latitude and Longitude" from his album, "Songs for Kids" for our background music. The album contains 13 songs that include "Readers are Winners," "The Best Me," "Latitude and Longitude," "Water Cycle," and more.

Ted also has another album, "You Made Me a Better Man." The album contains 14 terrific songs including "Thank God I'm a Cowboy," "Little Rodeo Cowboy," and "Oh What A Ride!" that would be perfect for your classroom! To purchase his albums including "You Made Me a Better Man"and The Great Sonoran Desert, call or write:

Ted's CDs are $14.95 each plus $4.00 shipping.
Send check or money order to:

Ted Newman
DogStar Productions
273 E. Laredo Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Email Ted

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